A New ERA Franchisee Shares

My two decades as a member of the senior executive team for the PGA TOUR allowed me to build a wide array of strong relationships with CEO's and CFO's across the country.

Becoming a franchisee with ERA has enabled me to leverage those relationships to everyone's mutual benefit.

Now my work-life balance within ERA is fantastic and my secure residual income potential is tremendous! I am very happy to be part of the ERA team.


Insights from ERA Franchisees

If you really want to have total control - this is the closest thing to total control of your own business.



I don't have any issues talking to and working with CEO's, CFO's, or any C-level executives of any organization because I am one.



We have a great group of consultants. What you're getting is C-level consultants who have a tremendous wealth of experience – both practical and from an education standpoint.


Global Partnerships

Expense Reduction Analysts offered me a great opportunity to use my previous sales experience for the next career step.



Delighting clients is fun. But it is also fun to organise your time independently and have time for your family whenever you want.

CHRIS WILGEHOF (Netherlands)

ERA Franchisees share their "Why"

Once I understood the business model and operating system, I was convinced that my chances of success would be much better with ERA than with other opportunities that I was considering. Earnings, working hours and learning opportunities are all under the control of the ERA Franchisee and that was what I was looking for.



I loved all parts of my executive career in manufacturing but always wanted to make my own way and make a difference. ERA has given me the opportunity to expand on my past experiences, stay in touch with all kinds of businesses plus the bonus of bringing results to clients that can now hire another employee, purchase that new equipment or whatever is important to them. I feel like I am really making a difference for our clients.


Be in Control

You set your own timeline. You set your own calendar. So, you can fit your schedule around what you want to do.



The model absolutely works. And it doesn't take a significant amount of clients to generate success.


All Backgrounds

We have all of the support that you could imagine, ranging from IT tools and documentation to experience – whatever you need. But you still have your own business.

JITKA KULHÁNKOÁ (Czech Republic)

Longevity & Integrity

There is more opportunity and less risk in the ERA model because you are in so much more control of your destiny.



Working in any self employed business is hard work and challenging so choosing who you take this journey with can make a huge difference.

After 20+ years of partnering with ERA in my consulting franchise I can appreciate what it means to choose the right business partner.

I'm glad I chose a company and people who've always had my back. Through thick and thin they've always done the right thing.


What's Your "Why"?

ERA has provided me with a career where I am (virtually) surrounded by smart, fun co-workers, yet I get to work from the comfort of my home office. This flexibility allows me to be a high level executive and still get the kids off the bus. I am balanced as I get to be the boss of my time and there's no glass ceiling on my income.


Speak to those you'll be joint venturing with:

ERA gave us the opportunity to live where we wanted to live. We have the same opportunity as franchisees in larger cities. Our focus is to have fun and to enjoy our client relationships. Money flows from there.

ERA offers a tremendous value proposition. We win when our clients win. If we do a great job, our fees are significant!



I wanted to build a business from scratch. I viewed it as a personal and professional challenge. My clients like to do business with me because of the great value I bring to the table.

Unlike most consultants who bill by the hour or by the day, my earnings are unlimited. I am not a consultant, I am a RESULTANT! I get paid on results.


Providing the Tools to Succeed

ERA has been a great investment for me, I'm helping companies getting back good money that was being left on the table. We find savings in areas and places where our clients could not find it, and by doing so, we are sharing the success!!

ERA is always looking for ways to exceed our clients expectations and our own performance. They provide us the best tools, practices and industry knowledge available.


None of the "don't wants"

After 30 years in the corporate world, I had a few specific objectives in mind as I looked at what I would do in my "next career" – no land or buildings, no fleet (cars, trucks, or otherwise), no employees, no need to deal with OSHA, DOT, or any other government agency – unless I chose to do so. At the same time, I wanted to do something that would allow me to utilize the knowledge, skills, and experience I had acquired over three decades. In the end, ERA was a perfect fit – none of the "don't wants" - and the ability to fully employ all that I had learned in my corporate career. Add to that the ability to earn what I wanted – based solely on my own willingness to put in the necessary time and effort – and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Looking back on 10 years in the ERA business, I can't imagine doing anything else. The flexibility of our work schedule, ability to associate with some of the most talented people in business today, and provide real value to our clients makes every day one to look forward to.


A Priceless Network

ERA is the sharing of ideas, the development of joint market approaches and out of the box thinking. Firstly, I found the business model of cost savings very attractive together with the unique selling proposition of no savings-no fee. Secondly, I felt very comfortable with the people in the network from the very first moment. After 3 years at ERA my assessment remains unchanged. The third reason was that I wanted to work in an international environment.



As Managing Director of a cruise company, I was traveling abroad over 180 days a year. I decided to terminate my employment and take a year-long sabbatical in order to look for new business opportunities. Finding ERA was just the right fit for my needs – being independent but also part of a proven business system and a worldwide network.


Considering the Benefits of the Network

Your opportunity to establish your own professional services business is greatly enhanced by joining Expense Reduction Analysts.

If you will be managing client relationships, joining ERA gives you with access to expense category specialists who, combined, provide a depth and breadth of expertise that you could never accumulate on your own.

If you are a category specialist, joining ERA gives you access to a nationwide, or even a North American, market. And by moving on from a corporate career to having your own professional services business, you get to set your own priorities and manage your own time.


Can You Relate?

What attracted me to ERA was the opportunity to utilize my 21 years of professional experience in a new venture. Many other franchises required a different skill set than my executive leadership positions in my career called for.

In the global, digital economy, not having real estate and inventory requirements and all their associated costs and headaches is a huge plus for the ERA franchise opportunity. ERA's professional, executive engagements, instead of other franchise's retail operations, was a slam dunk for me.


A People Business

We currently have 18 clients and 50 projects on the go and most of these are in the manufacturing, public utilities, maintenance and health services sectors. We have a good Spanish Expense Reduction Analysts' network who we regularly work with on a joint venture basis.



There are absolutely no limits for your success. I can decide how successful I want to be. In terms of opportunities for women – there are no glass ceilings!


More Thoughts from ERA Franchisees

We're so confident that we can save our clients money that we work on the basis of 'no savings, no fee'. The client pays nothing up front but, if we manage to reduce costs by, say $50,000 for their annual printing, then we get paid half of the savings over a 24-month period. That's $25,000 the first year and $25,000 for the second year.



It's been tremendously rewarding to apply my 25+ years of professional knowledge and experience to guide clients as well as other consultants. My procurement and supply management expertise is valued by others in the Expense Reduction Analysts network.

Working with ERA, I am able to do more than fulfill my professional goals – I have the added satisfaction of leading others to success.



I left a nice corporate job to launch a start-up called 1-800 BIRTHDAY in 1995. We raised over $4 million and almost made it. The great part about starting my own company was that I was in total control of my success or failure. The challenging part was not having a support network and not having a proven business model.

When I found ERA, I kept the good part of running my own business, but solved the two biggest challenges!

Working for yourself is never easy, but that makes the success that much more rewarding.


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