The savings generated by ERA, along with the commitment and attention given to our projects, has been a positive experience for us. We project our annual savings to be at $240K for courier and $135K for freight, amounting to an annual improvement of $375K or 31% of annual freight expenses.

Patricia Boucher, Chief Financial Officer
Smashbox Cosmetics

I can't express enough the value these people provided to our company. Some of their work offered us significant savings opportunities, in excess of 50%, and all of their work provided an expert review of the value and service we were receiving for our expenditure. We truly appreciate the impact this has had on our bottom line, but more importantly, we value the service they provided through their process. We now understand much more about how our money is being spent and the value we receive for it.

Dennis Cahill, President
Alta Hotel Group

As leaders in the Snack Food industry, we are always looking for opportunities to improve our business. As part of a comprehensive program to effectively manage spending we decided to partner with ERA to examine expenditures in key areas requiring significant resources, time and expertise. Because we run a highly efficient business, we were initially skeptical that ERA would be able to find meaningful savings. However, since ERA's payment model is based on gain share, we decided to give them a try. The result has been improved service and better pricing from select suppliers. We were pleasantly surprised by the results ERA delivered.

Paul Schenfeld, Chief Financial Officer
Dale & Thomas Popcorn

ERA has performed a number of in-depth analyses of our operation and have done so in an exemplary fashion, with very little staff time or involvement, with extraordinary attention to detail, and with the utmost in professionalism.

Larry B. Davis, President & CEO
New Generations Federal Credit Unions

Even with a relatively small spend, ERA still kept their eye on the details and managed the project according to plan.

Dr. Tara Riemer Jones, President & CEO
Alaskan SeaLife Center

ERA's process generated more competitive tension, resulting in lower premiums for the same or improved coverage. I couldn't expect a better outcome for the company.

Stephen Torrice, CEO
S.G. Torrice Company

I like the various options that ERA provided on our janitorial project including alternative trash can liners, mop heads, and cleaning chemicals. I was pleasantly surprised with the 60% savings in Merchant Card Fees.

Matthew J. Malinowski, Director of Business Affairs
School District of Cheltenham Township

My team and I spent little time on this project and realized fantastic results.

Malek Bohsali, CFO
Dynamic Health Strategies

We not only saved money, but ERA also helped us improve operations.

Cris Sacchi, CEO

I was impressed with the specific category expertise, the well executed process and most importantly, the actual results.

John Robinson, Chief Financial Officer

ERA's process was painless. They performed as originally stated. Their monthly audit reports are timely and give me the confidence that our pricing is the best in the industry.

Peter R. Friedrich, Owner
William Penn Inn

ERA's value goes well beyond cost reduction. Their best practice skills and project management consulting services make them a top client advisor.

Dean Groves, Senior Vice President & CAO
Fay, Spofford & Thorndike (FST)

We are appreciative of ERA's work and were impressed with the results, especially since we had already done so much internally.

Dale Denham, CIO
Geiger Group

ERA Consultants are amazing in uncovering hidden or unnecessary costs in a tremendously efficient, professional and no-hassle way.

Steve Stevens, President
Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

We didn't have the time or expertise to renegotiate our copier lease. ERA brought in the appropriate experts and was able to renegotiate and find significant savings for the remaining life of our copier lease.

Richard Seggerman, Chief Business Officer & Treasurer
Wartburg College

Working with ERA not only helped us reduce costs, but has also helped us better understand what we are paying for and how we can be better customers for our vendors.

Dale Wineteer, President
RoadOne West Towing, San Diego

ERA was able to find us savings when we thought we had done everything possible.

Lindsay Stevens-Eggers, Vice President Finance
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

ERA worked with the brokers of my choice. The greatest benefit was the expert advice on property limits.

Kathleen Hesse, President
University Book & Supply

ERA has been a great help and their audit process keeps our savings on track.

Conrad Sutter, CFO
Landscape Forms, Inc.

Frankly, we were most excited with ERA's attention to detail in improving our member experience. The savings they found were a big bonus. Now that's great service.

William Cohen, Vice President of Operations
Washington Athletic Club

ERA substantially reduced the costs of our pool chemicals and provided a solution that allows our staff to focus on providing the best swimming conditions for our members.

Jimmy Johnson, Chief Operating Officer
Upper Palmetto YMCA

Saving time, saving money, better service from vendors; ERA was instrumental in helping us achieve the trifecta! What company would not appreciate that?

Tim Vosse, CFO
Bethesda Health Group

We did not have the resources, expertise or time to deliver the savings and understanding of best practices that ERA could provide. Thanks to ERA, we found sustainable and tangible savings without having to invest in large corporate functions. They are a true partner and trusted advisor.

Jim Fox, SVP and Chief Accounting Officer
Suddenlink Communications

The ERA process resulted in enhanced telecom services and in savings that we can invest back into our business operations.

Tim O'Hara, VP Finance and Operations
Western Integrated Technologies (WIT)

ERA helped us streamline our supply chain purchasing. We have seen improvement in our accounting process and more importantly a significant savings compared to our previous agreement.

Donald Counts, Accounting Manager
Genesis Healthcare Partners

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